Autumn programme 2019 published!

The autumn season programme 2019 is now published!

All kinds of amazing music coming up, among others by Messiaen, Pärt and Melartin – check it out at the Concerts-page.

Helsinki Chamber Choir Audition 10th of June 2019

We require singing education and experience of contemporary music and choral/ensemble singing. Helsinki Chamber Choir works in projects.

Time: Monday 10th of June 2019 at 16.00–19.00
Place: In Helsinki (we will announce the exact location later)

There are three assignments in the audition:
- solo singing (there will be a pianist, bring sheet music in the right key for him/her)
- quartet singing, we will send the music a week before the audition
- "prima vista" assignment, we will send the music 24 hours before the audition

Apply for the audition by 20th of May by sending an email to our executive manager (martti [at] ). Also send a short resume/CV and fill out this form:


Two new record releases this Spring


This Spring we release not only one, but two new albums with Finnish contemporary choral music. Towards the light (ICSM Records) contains music by Einojuhani Rautavaara, Lotta Wennäkoski and Paola Livorsi. Reports (BIS Records) includes nine different choral works by Perttu Haapanen.
Helsinki Chamber Choir is conducted by our artistic director Nils Schweckendiek.

You can buy our records here.