Minulla olisi sinulle paljon kirjoitettavaa…

(I’d have so much to write to you about...)


Note! The concert is postponed due to the current restrictions for events. The new concert date will be confirmed later.


Sat 5.12.2020 at 19.00
Paavalinkirkko, Helsinki

Helsinki Chamber Choir
Elisa Huovinen, conductor

Tickets: 10 € (Ticketmaster)

The title of the concert is a quote from Lotta Wennäkoski’s Valossa. Many would have had a lot to write about, but the conditions weren’t right. 

This concert presents music written by female composers: both music from the 19th century and works by living composers. Fanny Hensel is probably best known as the sister of Felix Mendelssohn, although she was a very capable musician herself. Amy Beach was the first female composer in the United States who published a symphony (Gaelic Symphony 1896) and she is seen as the first successful female composer in her country. The program also features works by contemporary composers: Galina Grigorjeva (born at Krim in Ukraine and currently living in Estonia), Julia Wolfe (USA) and Lotta Wennäkoski (Finland).

JULIA WOLFE: Guard my tongue 

AMY BEACH: Help us, O God



FANNY HENSEL: Sechs Gartenlieder op. 3