Musica nova Helsinki: …küsst es die Zeit auf den Mund

Sat. 4.3.2023 4 PM
Puristamo, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
Tickets: 20/15/10 € (Ticketmaster)

Anni Elif Egecioglu, voice
Helsinki Chamber Choir
Nils Schweckendiek, conductor

HELENA TULVE: Nächtliche Gesänge
SAMI KLEMOLA: Kivi, paperi, sakset (2022-23, world premiere)

For its performance at Musica nova Helsinki, the Helsinki Chamber Choir has put together three contrasting pieces that show the great diversity in writing for vocal ensembles today. Cassandra Miller’s Guide is a joyful celebration of being allowed to use the voice with great freedom. Eschewing traditional notation, Miller’s piece is built around the idea of creating music from an oral tradition. Helena Tulve’s intense and slow-moving Nächtliche Gesänge are a fine example of the contemporary Baltic sound, deeply sensitive to the beauty of the human voice. The new work by Sami Klemola promises an exploration of a whole range of vocal and electronic sounds, featuring Anni Elif as its no-holds-barred soloist.

In collaboration with: Musica Nova Helsinki