Fredrik Pacius Symposium

Fri 20.11.2020 at 15.00–17.00
Ritarihuone, Helsinki

Finnish Musical Heritage Society is making Finnish musical heritage available to everyone – the first editions are Fredrik Pacius String quartet No 2 and the choral music piece Roddaren by Martin Wegelius, published at the Fredrik Pacius Symposium, where Fredrik Pacius and his followers work are presented in lectures by professor Matti Huttunen, FL Seija Lappalainen, FT Riikka Siltanen and MuT Margit Rahkonen.

Helsinki Chamber Choir will perform at the event conducted by professor Nils Schweckendiek, among other pieces the mentioned Roddaren by Wegelius.

Fredrik Pacius Award 2020 will also be presented at the event.

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